making as great as possible
Syn: ↑maximizing
Similar to: ↑increasing

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  • maximising — maximise (Brit.) v. increase to the greatest amount or degree, magnify as much as possible; make the most of; make best use of something; (Computers) enlarge a window to the maximum size in a graphical user interface (also maximize) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Maximising measure — In mathematics specifically, in ergodic theory a maximising measure is a particular kind of probability measure. Informally, a probability measure μ is a maximising measure for some function f if the integral of f with respect to μ is “as big as… …   Wikipedia

  • Maximising Employment to Serve the Handicapped — MESH – Maximising Employment to Serve the Handicapped Type Non profit organization Location India Key people Jacky Bonney (Executive Director) Area served rehabilitating disabled and lepers, community development Website …   Wikipedia

  • profit-maximising — adjective making the profit as great as possible the profit maximizing price • Syn: ↑profit maximizing • Similar to: ↑increasing …   Useful english dictionary

  • Social welfare function — In economics a social welfare function can be defined as a real valued function that ranks conceivable social states (alternative complete descriptions of the society) from lowest on up as to welfare of the society. Inputs of the function include …   Wikipedia

  • Suit combination — A suit combination, in the partnership card game contract bridge, is the combined holding in declarer s and dummy s hands of a specific suit. The term is also used for the order in which these cards should be played to achieve a specified goal,… …   Wikipedia

  • Social business — A social business is one which aims to be financially self sufficient, if not profitable, in its pursuit of a social, ethical or environmental goal. Examples of social businesses in the United Kingdom included [… …   Wikipedia

  • Economic anthropology — is a scholarly field that attempts to explain human economic behavior using the tools of both economics and anthropology. It is practiced by anthropologists and has a complex relationship with economics. There are three major paradigms within the …   Wikipedia

  • Theory of the firm — The theory of the firm consists of a number of economic theories that describe the nature of the firm, company, or corporation, including its existence, behavior, structure, and relationship to the market.[1] Contents 1 Overview 2 Background …   Wikipedia

  • Credit rationing — refers to the situation where lenders limit the supply of additional credit to borrowers who demand funds, even if the latter are willing to pay higher interest rates. It is an example of market imperfection, or market failure, as the price… …   Wikipedia

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